Rather than just another list of things you can do in vim, these are things I use constantly — they've stood the test of time and really improve my efficiency. Try some of these things! If you think I should remove anything or if you have other comments, please let me know. Also try vimtutor, especially in your early vim days.




Yanking and pasting

Move text by cutting (deleting) or copying (yanking), then pasting it elsewhere. Delete with d, yank with y and paste before or after the cursor with p or P.

Jumping around

Visual block mode

Use ctrl+v to enter visual block mode to select a rectangular block of text.



Try these lines in your vimrc file (see :help .vimrc).

Other great stuff

Ordered top picks: tabs, recording, marks, undo-branches, options, modelines, tags. Use the excellent :help to learn more — inside help, follow tags with ctrl+] and return with ctrl+o.